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Clara reviews her school integration experience in Insch, Scotland...

Updated: Dec 3, 2019

After I decided that i wanted to make an exchange and decided on the country last year, i had a few worries; how my host family would be like, would I find nice friends and can i even communicate in english good enough, but mostly i was full of exitement about the new experience.

In January I left Germany for the country, which I was going to live in for the next 6 months: Scotland. When i arrived everybody was so welcoming and open. After just a couple of days i met really nice people that became my friends later on. Having those friends made it a lot easier to integrate into school. At first it was hard to understand every word the people i met were saying but after a few weeks it became a lot easier i started thinking in english and after a while even dreaming in english – it was a wierd feeling.

I joined a few clubs at school, went a lot of hiking with my host family and visited my friends at the weekend. On the 25 of January it was Burns night, a celebration oft he scottish poet Robert Burns. I was invited by one of my friends to celebrate burns night with her and her family. They said a famous poem by Burns and then i tried vegetarian Haggis, haggis a traditional scottish meal.

I lived in Insch, which is next to aberdeen, one of the bigger cities of scotland. I went there and visited a few sights. It was quite impressive, but what was even more impressive, was when i drove down to edinghburgh with another german exchange student, we visited the edigburgh castle, walked through old streets, a museum and the parliament of scotland

I experienced so many great things that i could fill books with all the stories about it.

The last weekend i spend in scotland, my hostfamily and i we went to a restaurant. There we sat and talked for hours about all the amazing and funny moments we’ve experienced together, and i was so thankful that i had the chance to as well and sad to know it will be over soon.

I am so happy for the experiences i made and for the new friendships i built up. I am still in contact with my host family and my new friends. When i had to live Scotland it hurt as much as when i left Germany! Maybe even a little more, because it became the place with many people i care so much about, it felt like home. Dramatic coastline - just south of Aberdeen near Dunnottar Castle.

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