Host Family Profile

Family Name: Team Fraser

Family Members: Ross, Michelle, Oliver (10 year old), Kitty (7 years old) - part time 

Do you have any pets? Yes, we have Bubba the Pug, and Daisy the toy Lhasa Apso (both are very little and cute, who love cuddles, walks and food).

Do you have any children? We met in 2013, Ross already had 2 children, Oliver and Kitty, they stay with us regularly.  We enjoy having a calm and friendly approach to family life and accept people from all walks of life.  If our children are happy then we are happy!

What do you do Michelle? I am a town planner for the Local Government, I work with communities and other people / agencies  to find the best places to build houses and make land for employment in Aberdeenshire.

What do you do Ross? I am a self employed Health and Safety consultant within the Oil and Gas industry.  I work offshore sometimes making sure everyone is safe.  I am fortunate that it is just for a few days at a time, because I love being at home with my family.

Please tell us a little bit about where you live: We live in a beautiful old farmhouse halfway between Stonehaven and Aberdeen.  Our house was built in approximately 1860, but when we found it, it was derelict so we have made big changes since we moved in. We love our home so much!  It is now a 4 bedroom 3 bathroom home, with lots of the original features that we wanted to keep.

How long have you been hosting and what has it meant to you?  This is our 3rd year hosting, we have hosted many students from ages of 11 years to 18 years, many of whom we are still in contact with regularly.  We won't deny that when our friend invited us to get involved with hosting, we were sceptical.  Since getting on board, we have found joy and fulfillment  and we will continue to enjoy this experience and hopefully give the students a 'wee piece' of Scottish life.

Do you have any funny memories you would like to share? There are too many to recount them all.  Firstly I would love to point out what an awesome experience it has been for Oliver and Kitty to meet students from other countries.  They have thoroughly enjoyed meeting them all.  Our funniest moment (one of many!), was when I encouraged the boys to order their Domino's pizza from the English menu and they didn't realise that they ordered the one with all the chillis on it! Michelle won the 7 chilli challenge and I think they were quite impressed!  Lots of trampolining, football and fun too!

Anything else to add? You don't know until you try! We LOVE IT! Happy hosting, and we are happy to chat to anyone who is considering giving it a go. MnR